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About Us

Our Goal

There are many inspired minds looking for a little nudge to start up their buinesses and later prosper individually. Our goal is to find them, train them, help grow their incomes and provide exceptional services to our customers Goal

The problem?

The world is filled with innocent customers who wants to get their work done. The world is also filled with hardworking individuals who wants to get that work done but the problem here is the high end marketing middle people gets 80% of work from those customers, to an extent that they cannot get all of it done and the hardworking individuals who wants to do the tasks only receive 20% of that work. In the end the customers will have an unsatisfactory job done and the hardworking inividuals did not get a chance to perform either.

So are we a franchise?

No. Nim’s is not a franchise. Franchises costs a lot of money and getting many of the individuals do not have enough. also most franchises get a percentage of what their franchisees earn. At Nim’s, our IBO’s have the right to grow their business as much as they want and will not be charged with royalities. At Nim’s Group it works as an Individual Business Owner System where they will have the rights to use Nim’s brand name and run their own personal business. But they will be fully trained into Nim’s standards and Requirements.


Our mission is to build a brand big enough. So that we can allow people who qualify with our requirements to buy a partnership of our brand for a very affordable price. Where they will be trained on how a business works, on how to talk to customers properly and on how to employ the right people to their business and run a successful business. The Nim’s IBO’s will now have their own business and will be their own bosses performing the best tasks. We will then connect the customers to our highly trained IBO’s who will get the work done very well with a higher customer satisfaction